Khamis, 25 Ogos 2011

UCL Draw: group stage

The 32 qualifiers have been divided into four pots based on the Uefa coefficients, which are in turn decided by a mixture of the team's own performance in Europe over the past five seasons, as well as the strength of their country's league.

The Champions League group stage comprises eight pools of four teams: consequently, a team from each pot is drawn and placed into one of the eight groups available. This is done by pot and not "one at a time": that is to say, all the teams from pot one will be placed into a group, and then pot two, and so on down to the fourth and final pot.

There are some restrictions, though. Teams from the same national association cannot be drawn together, and even prior to that there will be two 'sets' of groups decided for the purpose of television rights. For example, the four teams from Spain cannot all be drawn in the same set.

* Replacement for Fenerbache, who has been removed from the competition

2 ulasan:

  1. hmmm...kenapa arsenal brada di POT 1?..padahal dia kena harungi qualifier dulu, berbanding manchester city yg layak automatik..uhuhuh..

  2. kalu tak sala, dia tgk prestasi lima tahun kebelakangan ni... so arsenal kira bleh la nak duk pot 1 berbanding man city yg baru 1st time lepas beberapa tahun.. last skali taktau bila hehehe