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Liverpool: previous and possible future line-up

vs WEST BROM | 2/4/2011
The vigour and work rate of the Reds in the middle of the park failed to hide the fact that there was a missing link to the front two of Carroll and Suarez.

As a result, the territory of Dalglish’s side remained in the centre of midfield as the side grew narrow, desperate for expansion on the flanks.

Unable to break against Roy Hodgson’s side, the temptation to kick and chase often proved too tempting for the team’s frustrated defenders with the game at 1-1. For the hosts, it was all too easy to defend against and the Baggies’ last-minute penalty rewarded the better side with three points.

However, with over £40 million worth of summer signings having joined the Reds, two new faces in particular can ensure that such one-dimensional play no longer need plague the Merseyside outfit. Just as when the club’s owners appointed King Kenny, Liverpool must look back to the not so distant past for inspiration.

Protected by Lucas, Charlie Adam’s wide-ranging distribution can be used to link up in close contact with the more advanced Steven Gerrard or spray balls to the flanks for Suarez and Stewart Downing to latch onto. From here, the Uruguayan can attack the box, cutting in from the channel whereas the former Aston Villa man can utilise his inch-perfect crossing ability to target Carroll in the area.

The more centralised route one option would also benefit, with Gerrard in a position to mop up knockdowns that have come from Carroll in the area in which he is most dangerous: just outside the 18-yard box.

With a three-pronged approach to goal such as this, Dalglish would be able to take advantage of Adam’s vision while maintaining the security of Lucas and the power of Gerrard.

A little more variety and less narrow-minded, this is the formation to continue Liverpool’s ascension.


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