Isnin, 8 Ogos 2011

Ferguson vs Mancini - the philosophy

Sir Alex Ferguson and Roberto Mancini renewed rivalries - and while City led 2-0 at the break United's stars must have got Fergie's famous hairdryer treatment to turn this around.


FERGUSON snubbed Dimi Berbatov again, picking Danny Welbeck up front. 

Mancini teased City fans by keeping Sergio Aguero on the bench. 

IT LOOKED in doubt at half-time but in the end, canny Scot Fergie got it bang on as City were undone in the second half. 

Mancini has vowed to be more attack-minded. Few signs of it here but Aguero and - possibly Tevez - could change all that. 

FERGUSON brought on Phil Jones, Jonny Evans and Tom Cleverley. And it worked! 

Mancini hauled off Balotelli (as usual) but City supporters will be disappointed they did not get a peek at Aguero. 

ANYONE who said this was just a meaningless friendly should have seen United defender Patrice Evra's reaction when he was subbed. 

Fergie had his team pumped up to get their revenge for April's FA Cup semi-final defeat. 

And City's reactions to their goals showed how much they wanted this.

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