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Top ten BPL's most important player (

10 Nigel De Jong (Manchester City)
Value: £20m, Leadership 77%, Technique 64%, Aggression 87%, Match-winner 45%, Work ethic 78%, Stamina 83%, Average 72.3%
 Dutch destroyer represents the “Clogs of War” mentality. At times hard to the point of viciousness. Would tackle a bulldozer for the cause - and win
9 Javier Hernandez (Manchester United)
Value: £28m, Leadership 60%, Technique 77%, Aggression 66%, Match-winner 90%, Work ethic 75%, Stamina 68%, Average: 72.7%
Mexican turned top scorer Dimitar Berbatov into an afterthought with his precocious brilliance. Developed faster than anybody could have dreamed.
8 Luka Modric (Tottenham)
Value: £35m, Leadership 67%, Technique 91%, Aggression 59%, Match-winner 62%, Work ethic 82%, Stamina 77%, Average: 73.0%
Spurs’ desperation to keep the Croatian playmaker from Chelsea’s grasp says everything. Elusive, subtle and incisive. Both clubs need him equally.
7 Nemanja Vidic (Manchester United)
Value: £19m, Leadership 87%, Technique 65%, Aggression 89%, Match-winner 37%, Work ethic 77%, Stamina 84%, Average: 73.2%
Serbian skipper is embodiment of United’s determination to win. Fearsome strength, commanding presence and such a threat in the opposition box as well.
6 John Terry (Chelsea)
Value: £11, Leadership 92%, Technique 59%, Aggression 85%, Match-winner 45%, Work ethic 79%, Stamina 80%, Average: 73.3%
Restored England captain only knows one way of playing - from the front. Ignores calls of his body for rest. Cannot change his essential nature.
5 Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal)
Value: £40m, Leadership 81%, Technique 82%, Aggression 75%, Match-winner 65%, Work ethic 67%, Stamina 71%, Average: 73.5%
Barcelona’s unending pursuit has reached fever pitch but Arsenal fans will hope Wenger’s resolve is more than merely posturing for the best possible price. The Spaniard sets the Emirates tempo and creates with his passing range but also makes those runs into the danger zone to score key goals.
4 Luis Suarez (Liverpool)
Value: £22.8m, Leadership 62%, Technique 75%, Aggression 74%, Match-winner 84%, Work ethic 69%, Stamina 79%, Average: 73.8%
Uruguayan made himself a Kop hero within a few weeks of his arrival from Ajax, a mix of craft and graft that left Anfield loving what it had seen and begging for more. Quality of his goals buried memories of the World Cup handball shame. Can only be better now fully acclimatised.
3 Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)
Value: £14m, Leadership 81%, Technique 78%, Aggression 71%, Match-winner 85%, Work ethic 72%, Stamina 65%, Average: 75.3%
 The spirit of Anfield runs through his veins and nobody would want to lift the Premier League trophy more than the hero of the Miracle of Istanbul. Now 31 but the desire is unquenching. Fitness issues are a concern but Stevie G will never be found wanting for the cause.
2 Carlos Tevez (Manchester City)
Value: £45m , Leadership 79% , Technique 68% , Aggression 83% , Match-winner 79% , Work ethic 82% , Stamina 74% , Average: 77.5%
The Argentine may be home-sick but City would lose so much if they cannot keep hold of him. Since leaving United has taken his game up two levels, adding weight of goals to his remarkable energy levels and refusal to give centre-half a fraction of a second to relax.
1 Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)
Value: £45m ,  Leadership 71% , Technique 85% , Aggression 87% , Match-winner 92% , Work ethic 83% , Stamina 87% , Average: 84.2%
English football’s poster boy has seen off his 12-month slump and now seems ready to fulfil his true destiny for club and country, just as he promised when he burst on the scene as a teenager.
That remarkable derby winner over City was the perfect metaphor for Rooney’s staggering ability and even as Barcelona taught United a Wembley lesson he was the one who looked as if he could have played for the Catalan magicians.
The one English player who every major club in the world would happily take, the jewel in the country’s football crown. Setting partisanship aside, nobody would really deny his right to be top of this heap.

ni aku bagi top ten ja. kalau nak ikutkan F365 list down 50 player. kot nak baca lebih lagi, bleh usha kat link2 bawah ni....

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