Selasa, 19 Julai 2011

Lima pemain yang tenggelam dalam Copa America

1) Carlos Tevez - Argentina
After all the will he/won't he be picked debate, Batista selected Tevez in the starting line up for Argentina's first two matches. He should've stuck to his guns when he said Tevez didn't fit in with his tactics. Carlito hasn't turned up at the Copa America, he looks off the pace and seems to have an inability to pass to his teammates. His mind is obviously on other things, but if Tevez can concentrate on football for just ten days, Argentina's chances of winning will be given a huge boost.

2) Lucas Barrios - Paraguay
He may have scored his first goal of the tournament in the 3-3 thriller with Venezuela, but Barrios hasn't looked anything like the striker we know he is. After finishing the season as top-scorer for Bundesliga champions Borussia Dortmund, great things were expected of the Argentine-born forward at the Copa America. He hasn't delivered as yet, but there's time to make amends against Brazil on Sunday.

3) Cristian Benitez - Ecuador
The first time I saw Benitez play was in a World Cup qualifier in Ecuador. He missed lots of sitters that day. I then saw him again for Birmingham in the Premier League. He scored only three goals in 30 matches, and missed lots of sitters. And guess what? He's still missing them. If he had converted a gilt-edged chance against Paraguay in the opening game, Ecuador would be looking forward to a quarter final. Instead they are on their way home - I hold him entirely responsible.

4) Robinho - Brazil
I'm not sure if I understand Robinho. Clearly one of the most talented footballers currently playing, he just never looks that interested. His performances at the Copa reflect his career to date - drifting around without a care in the world and failing to fulfill any of his undoubted potential. At 27, it's time for Robinho to show some responsibility and set an example to the younger players in the Brazil team. If he wants to, he can lead Brazil to another title on July 24th.

5) A Uruguayan striker of your choice
Suarez, Forlan, Cavani - take your pick. Despite being one of the most formidable attacking line-ups at the Copa America, Uruguay's front three have mustered just one goal between them. Forlan has had moments of brilliance, but it counts for very little when he keeps missing clear cut opportunities; Suarez has repeatedly opted for power rather than precision; and Cavani, well...I may have picked him as one to watch but poor form would've ended his tournament if injury already hadn't.


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