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Shearer's best first XI

penyerang lagenda england, alan shearer telah diminta untuk menyenaraikan kesebelasan terbaik BPL bagi dirinya sempena meraikan tahun ke20 berlangsungnya BPL. berikut merupakan pemain2 yang dipilih oleh shearer termasuk pengurus pilihannya:


Peter Schmeichel: His sheer presence was incredible. The fact that he was there inspired his back four. Schmeichel was very good at everything he did and that gave the rest of the Manchester United side confidence.


Gary Neville: He might not have been everyone’s cup of tea but he did a great job throughout a distinguished career with Manchester United and England. A superb pro who was one of the most reliable defenders in the game.

Tony Adams: A great leader and like John Terry a no-nonsense centre half. Clearing the danger in front of him was always his top priority.

John Terry: Just like Tony Adams in what he gives a team. Like Tony Adams he is what I would call a proper defender. People in the game will know what I am talking about.

Ashley Cole: A great modern day player. He can attack and defend in equal proportions. One of the best in the world at what he does.


Steven Gerrard: Another great leader who inspires his colleagues by example. Always puts a shift in. He scores goals at vital times and can be relied to get 10 or 15 goals in a season.

Paul Scholes: The first name I thought of for the midfield positions. He is excellent at the vast majority of skills he needs in that position. His passing, heading, energy, and ability to come up with a goal make him one of the best around.

Ryan Giggs. He has to be in the side. A superb pro whose Premier League record is testimony to his ability to produce the goods season after season. A fabulous servant to Man United and a player of remarkable consistency.


Gianfranco Zola: I played with him a month ago in a seven-a-side tournament and I could see that he still has that unbelievable ability. I’ve picked him as a withdrawn striker, in the hole behind the front two. He could win or change a game with a moment of genius.

Eric Cantona: He is a stand-out for me like Wayne Rooney. There is so much talent and so many options in the striking positions but he was totally unique. A player who genuinely commands the title of genius.

Wayne Rooney: The most valuable quality is that he can win games on his own. A very good strike rate and I believe he is one of the best three or four players in the world.


David Seaman, Stuart Pearce, David Beckham, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry


Sir Alex Ferguson: The manager picks himself. His record which boasts 12 Premier League titles says everything about the man. He has been absolutely incredible. No other manager comes close.

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