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Memoirs of BPL's goals

In the beginning (August 15, 1992)

Brian Deane of Sheffield United scored the first Premier League goal after just five minutes against Manchester United, as the Blades launched their campaign with a 2-1 win over the eventual champions.


King Cantona (August 25, 1992)

Eric Cantona, then of Leeds United before his move to Manchester United, completed the Premier League century of goals by rounding off a hat-trick in a 5-0 rout of Tottenham Hotspur.


Goal 1,000 (April 7, 1993)

Blackburn Rovers' Mike Newell netted his team's third in a 3-1 win at Nottingham Forest.


Goal 2,000 (February 19, 1994)

Coventry City striker Mick Quinn scored the second goal in a 4-0 win over Manchester City.


Double celebration 4,999/5,000 (December 7, 1996)

Andy Townsend, of Aston Villa, and Chris Sutton, of Blackburn, score the 4,999th and 5,000th goals combined on the same day at the same time against Southampton and Leicester City, respectively.


Sir Les (December 15, 2001)

Les Ferdinand scores the Premier League's 10,000th goal in Tottenham's match against Fulham.


Goal 15,000 (December 30, 2006)

In unspectacular style, Moritz Volz's deflected goal for Fulham against Chelsea put his side 1-0 up in an eventual 2-2 draw.


Most Premier League goals

Alan Shearer (Blackburn, Newcastle): 260
Andy Cole (Newcastle, Man United, Blackburn, Fulham, Man City, Portsmouth): 188
Thierry Henry (Arsenal): 174


Top scoring teams

Manchester United: 1,494
Arsenal: 1,304
Chelsea: 1,251


Most goals at a venue

Old Trafford: 1,079
White Hart Lane: 1,048
Stamford Bridge: 1,033


Fastest goalscorer

Ledley King (Tottenham) v Bradford, December 9, 2000: 10 seconds

source: http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/12040/7391502/League-landmarks

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