Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Preview: MU vs Bolton Wanderers - statistics

  • Manchester United were unable to score a goal in a match in the Premier League for the first time this season when they lost 3-0 to Newcastle United.
  • That defeat was their second in succession, with the first being a 3-2 loss to Blackburn Rovers. The Red Devils have not lost three consecutive games since 2001.
  • Sir Alex's men have scored in 40 consecutive league games at Old Trafford.
  • After Manchester City, United have managed to score the most goals in the Premier League so far.
  • Bolton Wanderers have been able to beat United in only three of the last 25 league metings between the two sides.
  • The Trotters had lost eight in 10 matches prior to going on what is a comparatively good run of losing only one of their last five in all competitions.
  • Coyle's men are currently languishing in the relegation zone. But if all games had ended at half-time, they would have been sitting pretty in 14th place.
  • Bolton have conceded a joint high (with Blackburn Rovers) of 43 goals in the top flight this season.


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