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Four star performers for Spurs this season

Spurs kini harus rasa berbangga kerana menduduki tempat ketiga dalam carta BPL setakat ini dan hanya dipisahkan enam mata sahaja dengan pendahulu iaitu Man City. Perbezaan mata tersebut mungkin akan dikurangkan sekiranya Spurs berjaya mengalahkan Everton selepas perlawanan antara kedua2 pasukan yang sepatutnya berlangsung di awal musim ditangguhkan gara2 berlakunya demonstrasi jalanan. Kecemerlangan Spurs ini boleh dikatakan berpunca dari kehebatan empat individu berikut:

Gareth Bale - Winger

He's going to cause any team problems; he's quick, he's got great control, a wonderful left foot and can finish. It looks as though he can run all day as well and at times he's more effective away from home where there's a bit more space. I'm not sure Harry Redknapp fancied him (when he took over) but they say what a great lad Bale is and what great determination he's got. He wasn't going through a great time but he stayed positive and he's one of their best players now.


Luka Modric - Midfielder

You can see why Harry was so desperate to keep him (amid interest from Chelsea during the summer). Modric has got on with it because he's a good pro and a good person. You'd think he was too slight to play in the middle of midfield, but he never gives the ball away, he's got a great touch, he works extremely hard and gets a goal every now and again. The fans absolutely love him.


Emmanuel Adebayor - Striker

I think he's been a clever signing by Harry and the loan situation, as well as being ex-Arsenal, meant he had something to prove. I think he's very different and on his day he is unplayable. Sometimes the success of players at certain clubs is all about timing and I think that's true in this case. And with him, Jermain Defoe and Rafael van der Vaart, there are definitely enough goals in the building.


Harry Redknapp - Manager

Harry always likes to play with two wide players. That might make you a little bit more vulnerable defensively but it makes you very exciting when you go forward - and Harry's teams are always very exciting and get goals. I was speaking to someone who played under Harry and he said he allows you to get off with certain things if it's right for the individual. Man management is one of Harry's strengths and I think he should be the next England manager; he handles the top players so well and they seem to turn up and want to play well for him.

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