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Roberto Mancini kena tiru Brian Clough

seminggu dua ni, kecoh kat man city cerita pasai bekas kapten depa, carlos tevez duk cari pasai dengan manager, roberto mancini. kalau awai musim aritu, tevez duk bebai pasai tak dapat nak blah dari man city, baru2 ni tevez wat pasai lak dengan takmo masuk main sebagai substitute walaupun manager dah suruh. banyak jenis jugak la tevez ni nak kena tindakan, antaranya, kena gantung dari main enam minggu la, denda 1.5 juta pound la, tak bagi main terus dengan man city la. SAF pun baru ni bagi sokongan kat mancini untuk amik tindakan disiplin ke atas tevez. cerita pasai manager bergaduh / tak puas hati dengan pemain ni bukannya lani baru ada tapi sebenaqnya dari dulu lagi duk ada dah. antara manager yang kira tegas dan berani denda pemain adalah pengurus lagenda, brian clough. jadi, mai pakat2 baca apa benda yang clough ni buat kat pemain2 yang duk cari pasai.


ROBERTO MANCINI should take note on how to deal with Carlos Tevez from a man who really knew how to control his players — Brian Clough.

Hothead Tevez has given Mancini plenty of headaches, culminating in his infamous refusal to leave the bench against Bayern Munich.

But Cloughie knew a thing or two about ruling his own roost.

He once substituted big Larry Lloyd in the warm-up for not pulling his socks up on a scorching hot day in Toronto!

Lloyd recalled: "Up went the maple leaf flag for the Canadian national anthem and as it did the referee slowly came across to me and told me to pull my socks up.

'Hey dude, would you mind showing some respect for the flag — pull your socks up.'
"Are you taking the p**s," I asked somewhat less than diplomatically.

"It wasn't my national anthem after all and anyway, somebody telling me to do something like that was red rag to a bull at the best of times.

"The referee went over to the dug-out to have a word with Cloughie and I assumed it would be all sorted out. And it was.

"Up went the board — come in number five! I was being substituted before the kick-off. A new record surely?"

Signing for Forest was a dream for local lad Steve Chettle — but the day he went in for his first contract negotiations he ended up coming out of Clough's office in his socks and pants!

He explained: "The gaffer called us in individually to lay out exactly what was on offer.

'I'm going to offer you this much etc, and you've got two minutes to think about it,' he said.

"With respect gaffer, we were really looking for a few pounds more," I said boldly.

'Oh, really?' he said, clearly taken aback. 'Right, take your tracksuit top off then,' he said.


'Your tracksuit. Give it here. And the bottoms. You won't be going anywhere,' he informed me.

"I left his office in my socks, pants and a T-shirt. No rise and no trip to Holland, just for good measure."

World Cup referee Clive Thomas insists that Clough rarely had a problem with him booking his players — in fact on one occasion he actually encouraged it.

The player in question was Kenny Burns, a ferocious competitor who was known to step over the mark on occasions.

Thomas says Clough told him: 'Don't ever be afraid to book him any time you like.'

After one game Thomas found himself in Clough's office being quizzed about booking Viv Anderson. 'How were my players? You cautioned one of the boys — Anderson. It was a decision I couldn't understand, Clive. Why did you do that?'

"Well, it's a funny one really. I gave a decision he didn't agree with and he just looked down at me,"I said.

'So, you booked one of my players because you didn't like the expression on his face?'

"That's right."

'Hey, well I'll fine him for that as well then,' he said.

John McGovern spent 14 years at Hartlepool, Derby and Forest under Clough, but their relationship did not get off to the most promising of starts.

McGovern said: "The first time I had met Clough was at a trial match at Hartlepool.

"I was a big Rolling Stones fan and I had long hair. Like many boys, I wanted to be the next Mick Jagger."

He barked at me. 'Stand up straight, get your shoulders back and get your hair cut. You look like a girl,' were virtually his first ever words to me.

"I plucked up the courage to say: 'George Best has it styled like this.'

'When you can play like George Best, I'll let you have it that way. Now get it cut.'

Even fiery Roy Keane got the Cloughie treatment. He said: "There was never any danger I would get carried away by making my debut at Liverpool, but just in case...

"When I met Clough in the dressing room the following morning, he asked me my name!

'Roy.' I replied.

"The gaffer took off his shoes, which were muddy, as he had been walking his dog.

'Give those a clean for me will you Roy?'

"I knew he was keeping my feet on the ground to stop me getting carried away. I'm sure if I brought my shoes in for one of the players to clean these days, they'd throw them back. How things have changed."


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