Jumaat, 14 Oktober 2011

Preview: MU vs Liverpool - statistics

  • Manchester United have never lost four away games in a row against a single team in the Premier League, but have lost their last three at Anfield.
  • There have been four penalties awarded in the past five Premier League games between Liverpool and Manchester United.
  • Pepe Reina's (pictured right) last penalty save in the Premier League was from Wayne Rooney against Manchester United in March 2010.
  • Manchester United have 1,476 goals in the Premier League, more than any other team.
  • No goalkeeper has made more saves than David de Gea has in the Premier League this season. The Spaniard has made 32 stops.
  • Nemanja Vidic has been sent off three times against Liverpool in the Premier League, the only player to have been dismissed this many times against a single opponent.
  • Manchester United have scored eight goals from set-pieces this season, the most in the Premier League.

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