Selasa, 21 Jun 2011

Siapakah dia Andre Villas-Boas?

What is his philosophy?

ATTACK, attack, attack... as the success of Porto's Colombian star Falcao and the Brazilian Hulk testify. Villas-Boas insists his strikers are "the real protagonists" but, like Pep Guardiola at Barcelona, he insists on an intense pressing game.

What can Lamps and Essien expect?

NO SLACKING! Chelsea's new man has no time for show ponies and has warned: "If a midfielder does not fight for me, he does not have a place in the team." And he likes a touch of steel, even from his playmakers.

How does he deal with his players?

PLENTY of dialogue, although he largely likes to transmit his work ethic through his own industry. Villas-Boas is very clear about exactly what's required, saying: "I am very respectful to my players but football is not the factory work."

What's special about his training?

THE Portuguese boss is almost obsessed with tactics. He holds special 30-minute tactical teach-ins the day after every match - plus sessions after each training stint to ensure that his players can perform moves like clockwork.

Who are Chelsea likely to sign now?

MORE foreigners. Villas-Boas has built his reputation on the likes of Falcao and Hulk up front and last season's Porto squad had a total of 17 South Americans in it - compared to just six homegrown players.

How does he get on with the media?

AH! Could be a problem here. Villas-Boas is certainly no Jose Mourinho. He conducted few one-to-one interviews at Porto, claiming: "For me, the coach is not the star but simply a person to exploit the best qualities of the players."

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