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Five Tempting Targets From La Liga

JUAN MATA: Forward (Price: €20m)
Rather than being a case of 'if', it's now 'when' and 'who' in regards to Juan Mata's move to England. The forward is the last of Valencia's crown jewels after the sale of the Davids Silva and Villa last summer and financial pressures on the Mestalla club sees Mata being barcoded and put on the market this time around. "The economic situation is delicate but much better," admitted club president, Manuel Llorente, on Valencia's debt of €368m.

Getafe's Dani Parejo has been bought as an apparent replacement for Mata, who is currently with Spain's U-21 side having volunteered (imagine that) to drop down a level despite being a World Cup winner, so it may be another week or so before Mata's future is resolved.

Anyone who picks up the 23-year-old will not be purchasing a prolific goalscorer but a versatile, 'intelligent' front man who can play across the forward line, but prefers the left-hand side. Mata is a little like Joe Cole but with a basic level of fitness. 

KUN AGUERO: Forward (Price: €45m)
The big European transfer deal of the summer is not set to be resolved for another fortnight, claims the Atlético man's agent, Hernán Neguera, who appears to have seen many a club frightened off by the player's buy-out clause and the hassle of a hostile purchase from a club that doesn't want to sell. "It's clear that Kun would like to play in the Champions League, but it is not an indispensable condition," claimed Neguera in trying to tempt Juventus.

After five years at the Vicente Calderón and despite only just penning an extension to his current deal to 2014, Kun told Atlético that he wanted to leave and has admitted that he would prefer Spain (Real Madrid) to England.

But with Madrid also wary of the accompanying baggage and cost of Kun - as well as a certain amount of fan resentment at the idea of his recruitment - the sublime striker seems perfect for Manchester City or Chelsea if they want to add a bit of pizzazz and glamour to their strike force.

Despite his petite appearance and shyness, Kun is a hard-working beast on the pitch and as good as anyone else in la Liga on his best day. The 23-year-old is also a footballer who is still improving, having just managed his best season for Atlético with 20 league goals. 

LASSANA DIARRA: Midfielder (Price: €20m)
Real Madrid are in the mood to spend some more big money this summer, so looking to cash in on a player who Jose Mourinho would like to keep around at the Bernabeu. But may not get his wish with Lassana very vocal about his desire to leave.

The Frenchman has always had confidence in his own abilities and feels that he is deserving of a starting place in Madrid's line-up, although Lassana did play that role in a half of the club's league games last season. Mourinho is not really one for Bolshevik player power, so it looks like Lassana will be flogged to anyone who can stump up the cash for a bustling, energetic midfielder with a great propensity for fouling. And sulking. 

FERNANDO GAGO: Midfielder (Price: €10m)
Another want-away midfielder at Madrid who has spent much of the past season injured with knee ligament problems - a setback which saw the 25-year-old making just four league appearances. Gago would prefer to return to Boca Juniors after five years with Madrid, but his home club are not able to stump up the cash, leaving England as a possible destination.

It's hard to say how well Gago would fare in the Premier League. The midfielder is a graceful box-to-box Argentinean number five with a decent passing range, but someone who needs to be played in a specific role with a tactical set-up to suit him, something the Argentine has never enjoyed in the Spanish capital, where he has rarely had the chance to shine. 

BOJAN KRKIC: Forward (Price: €10m)
Bojan is proof positive that Pep Guardiola can be as much of a meanie manager as his mouthier rivals. Under Frank Rijkaard, the Spanish U-21 international was very much the next big thing for Barcelona and his country since making his league debut in September 2007, scoring ten in the same season.

But since that year, Bojan has struggled with a massive crisis of confidence that saw a stuttering start with Spain and a subsequent loss in form, driven perhaps from the suspicion that Guardiola simply doesn't rate his young forward, who has been linked in numerous deals this summer as a make-weight for other players. Bojan is certainly a fox in the box talent but needs time and patience to rebuild a career that has stalled at the age of just 20. 

source: http://www.football365.com/spanish_thing/0,17033,9405_6992025,00.html

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