Isnin, 9 Mei 2011

Not enough help from the referee

Even though chelsea has had referee helps, it does not prevent MU to register third consecutive wins against chelsea in three recent games. Let us see what are the favours given by mr. Howard Webb for chelsea during the game in OT.

1. ivanovic's second bookable tackle on rooney. he should be given second yellow card and of course the marching order out of the field. but mr. webb just gave a stern talking to ivanovic.

2. lampard's deliberate hand ball on the ball of valencia's crossing. this incident occurred inside the penalty box which MU should be given a penalty kick but mr. webb and his official friend did not see the 'ghost hand' of lampard.

3. terry's tackle on valencia also inside the penalty box. however mr. webb waive to play on and again fail to reward MU the penalty kick.

4. two footed challenge from drogba. if the challenge made by united's player such as neville, red card must be shown as quickly as lightning. but, in drogba's case, he just received a yellow card from mr. webb.

p/s: arini speaking london skit.... 

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