Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Kesalahan SAF yang dikenakan tindakan oleh FA England

OCT 2003: Hit with £10,000 fine and two-match ban for blasting ref Jeff Winter's display against Newcastle.

DEC 2007: Slapped with another two-match ban and £10,000 penalty for using foul and abusive language towards Mark Clattenburg at Bolton.

MAY 2008: Escapes further punish-ment despite criticising Martin Atkinson against Portsmouth.

OCT 2009: Labels Alan Wiley 'unfit' and earns a £20,000 fine and four-game ban (two of which are suspended).

JAN 2010: FA activate suspended sentence after he rips into Clattenburg for Darren Fletcher's red card at Birmingham.

MAR 2011: Questions whether Atkinson was 'fair' at Chelsea. Five-game ban and £30,000 fine.

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