Jumaat, 2 November 2012

How old boys fared

Memandangkan RVP bakal berhadapan dengan Arsenal buat pertama kalinya, The Sun memperlihatkan prestasi bekas pemain Arsenal ketika beraksi menentang Arsenal.


Man City 4-2 Arsenal — Sep 12, 2009

Scored and ran length of pitch to celebrate in front of away fans. Was hit with a suspended two-match ban and £25,000 fine for actions, plus a three-game ban for earlier stamp on Robin van Persie.


Arsenal 1-0 Man City — April 8, 2012

Played 90 minutes but could not stop defeat for title hopefuls City. Mikel Arteta scored on 87 minutes before Mario Balotelli saw red.


Arsenal 0-1 Man City — Nov 29, 2011

The £24m-man helped City to a Carling Cup quarter-final win — and then sparked a furious post-match bust-up as he clashed with Arsenal’s Emmanuel Frimpong in the tunnel.


Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal — Dec 10, 2006

Dubbed “Cashley” by furious Gooners after he left and almost doubled his wages, Cole was greeted by fake notes with his face on them. Was booed every time he touched the ball.


Arsenal 2-0 Juventus — March 28, 2006

Ex-skipper received a warm reception on his return in a Champions League quarter-final, but was outshone by Cesc Fabregas.

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