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Five reasons why Manchester United will win the Premier League

It takes a brave man to bet against serial winners Manchester United winning the Premier League, and I, am not one of those men. Season after season Sir Alex Ferguson re-invents his team, bringing in new faces as well as ready made world beaters to take on the best the English top flight has to offer and nine times out of ten it's the Red Devils who come out on top.

In recent seasons though, there has been a rise in the number of fans and pundits predicting Manchester United's twenty year peak at the top of the game will imminently come to an end. So I felt it necessary to remind everyone of why the Manchester club are in pole position to win a quite extraordinary 20th Premier League title.

Squad depth and experience

There have been a lot of young faces coming through the ranks in recent years at Old Trafford, Tom Cleverly and Rafael just two examples. But one thing that has remained constant throughout the Premier League era is the presence of United legends Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs. The pair now in the twilight of their career's will prove invaluable for Sir Alex Ferguson in coming months.

Their experience will help guide the club and more importantly the younger players and help the team win their 20th title. Any manager who has won anything will tell you that having players that have been there and done it all before in the dressing room is a massive boost. Giving advice and tips to the young pretenders if and when it is needed.

Players returning from injury

United have missed their club captain and General in defence Nemanja Vidic an awful lot this season. The Red Devil's have been leaking goals in all competitions and no matter how good your attack is, you're bound to lose a game or two when you concede 2+ goals a match, so the return of Vidic in the new year will give United a huge boost. The Manchester club also have new signing Shinji Kagawa on the mend, a creative force in midfield who will create and score chances and take some of the burden off of Wayne Rooney, who is now playing a deeper role off of Robin van Persie to create chances for his team mates.

Wayne Rooney

The England international has been vital to Manchester United's success in recent years, linking up with a number of different attacking talents, from Ruud van Nistelrooy to Cristiano Ronaldo. But the 27-year-old striker has taken up a different role this season, and is flourishing into one of the best attacking midfielders around.

With van Persie upfront to put the chances away it is now Rooney's job to create opportunities for his team mates, spreading the ball across the pitch and picking out killer defence splitting passes whilst still chipping in with his fair share of goals. The change in his style of play is reflected in his statistics so far this season, with two goals and six assists already in nine matches in the Premier League this season.

They just don't know when they're beaten

Over the years United have deservedly been given the title of come back kings, refusing to give up on a game no matter how bad the outcome is looking. I'd be here all day if I listed the amount of times the Red Devil's have come from behind to win a match, although there is one result that sticks in my mind which is the 1999 Champions League final against Bayern Munich where United came from 1-0 down to win 2-1.

This is a fact that people will be all to aware of this season, with United coming from behind no fewer than nine times in the Premier League to clinch victory against their opponents. It's a case of every cloud has a silver lining for Sir Alex Ferguson, he won't be happy that his team keep surrendering the lead against their opponents but he'll be delighted that his team have the spirit and determination to turn games around and come out on top to claim all three points.

Sir Alex Ferguson

He is what every other team in world football wants, Mr. Stability himself. While other clubs have been chopping and changing, looking for a manager to deliver trophies within a year or two at the club, Manchester United have stuck with Sir Alex Ferguson, even with a less than ideal start to life at Old Trafford Ferguson was given the backing of the board and the time he needed to mould a team and turn them into prolific winners and he's still doing it today, 26 years later. Time and time again he has rebuilt his side and pushed them on to win title after title and trophy after trophy. He is United's not so secret weapon and he will be the main man to push Manchester United to their 20th Premier League title.


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