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Dalam arena bola sepak, terdapat pemain yang suka mengadu kekasaran yang kononnya dilakukan oleh pihak lawan. Aduan tersebut sama ada diberikan kepada pengadil perlawanan ataupun penjaga garisan dengan tujuan melihat pihak lawan dikenakan tindakan atau hukuman. Goal.com telah menyenaraikan sepuluh insiden yang melibatkan para pemain yang cuba atau telah mempengaruhi keputusan pengadil.

We start with the veteran goalkeeper after the incident on Sunday as he tattled on opposition striker Ibrahimovic.

Following a sprint to the linesman faster than a speeding bullet, the 34-year-old resembled a child having a tantrum to his parents - arms flailing about, De Sanctis graphically illustrated what he had seen in the school yard ... erm, I mean penalty area ... between team-mate Aronica and the Sweden international.

The former Sevilla man seems to be taking a page from his coach Walter Mazzarri, who constantly complains about incidents that go against his team.
9. MARK VAN BOMMEL (The Netherlands)
Known for being a tough customer in midfield, the AC Milan man likes to dish out punishment more than he can take it.

Former Arsenal 'keeper Jens Lehmann alleges that Barcelona players, including Van Bommel, surrounded match official Terje Hauge and convinced him to brandish a red card to get the German sent off during the 2006 Champions League final. Another infamous incident, while at Bayern Munich, saw the 34-year-old grabbed the nether regions of Stuttgart's Fernando Meira while arguing his case to the referee.

8. PATRICE EVRA (France)
First of all let's be very clear here before this feature is flooded with angry comments - Evra's place on this list has nothing to do with his well-documented clash with Luis Suarez, or another incident where he alleged racism against a group of Chelsea ground-staff.

The Frenchman is here because long before those ugly and unfortunate incidents, he had made a name for himself as someone who annoyed the hell out of spectators due to his constant whinging and moaning.

His poor wife!
Affectionately nicknamed 'Forrest Gump' for his non-stop running down the right flank, the Juventus full-back is probably labelled a number of less-endearing titles by the opposition for his vociferous pleading with the referee.

Whether it be pointing out that there should arguably be a hand-ball, throw in, or niggling foul in his side's favour, the former Lazio man never seems to let up in his endeavour to bring incidents to light to the referee.

World Cup and Champions League winner Busquets has gained a reputation for his theatrics when put under pressure - always ensuring the match officials are aware of whatever proposed infraction has the midfielder rolling around on the ground.

Should he be peeking through his fingers to make sure the referee is doing his job after a brush by then Inter player Thiago Motta or clutching his face and scratching the back of his head following a race to the ball with Real Madrid rival Marcelo, the 23-year-old does his very best to get cards thrown in the direction of his opponents.

Busquets' next job after football will be as a traffic warden.
For a while Christian Poulsen was the second-most hated man in Italian football (first was ex-Ecuadorian referee Byron Moreno).

This was after his provocation had led to Francesco Totti being banned at Euro 2004 for spitting at him, and also due to a series of incidents involving Milan-duo Kaka and Gennaro Gattuso in the Champions League.

The Rossoneri coach at the time, Carlo Ancelotti, described Poulsen as a "coward" for kicking opponents when the referee had his back turned, and complaining to the man in black when opponents looked the other way. Poulsen's snitching didn't work in Serie A as he flopped disastrously during a two-year spell at Juventus.
Ronaldo simply had to make this list after his actions during the 2006 World Cup quarter-final between Portugal and England.

Just past the hour mark, Wayne Rooney stamped on Ricardo Carvalho's sensitive region. Ronaldo raced over to referee Horacio Elizondo and his complaints were enough to get the Englishman red-carded in a game Portugal would go on to win on penalties.

What made this incident all the more remarkable is that Rooney and Ronaldo were Manchester United team-mates at the time. A real Fredo Corleone-Johnny Ola moment from CR7.
3. RUDI VOLLER (Germany)
During his heyday in the 1980s and early 90s, Rudi Voller was one of the best strikers on the planet - starring for the likes of Bayer Leverkusen and AS Roma - but he was just as well known for his goalscoring exploits as he was for being a passive-aggressive wind-up merchant.

His complaining to referees on the sly wound up Frank Rijkaard so much that he spat at him (twice) during a notorious World Cup second-round clash between the Netherlands and Germany in Milan in 1990.

Just like Voller, at face-value Esteban Cambiasso comes across as a very pleasant person – and indeed he is.

But on the pitch, he is second only to Gary Neville in terms of prolificness when it comes to snitching on opponents.

The Argentine will shake your hand, smile at you, and even invite you back home for dinner, but as soon as you turn your back he will be nattering to the referee like an old housewife at a Tupperware party.
1. GARY NEVILLE (England)
At No. 1 it could only be Gary Neville. With over 600 Manchester United appearances and eight Premier League titles, the son of Neville Neville is an all-time great for his one and only club.

But if there is one person on the planet you don't want to confess to about allegedly not paying your taxes then it is Gary Neville.

Indeed, there are even jokes circulating that it was the 1999 Champions League winner who shopped Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp to the police.

source: http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/2931/go-global/2012/02/07/2891742/cristiano-ronaldo-gary-neville-morgan-de-sanctis-the-top-10

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