Khamis, 9 Februari 2012

Calon untuk menjadi pengurus England selain daripada Redknapp

Jose Mourinho

PROS: Has been a success wherever he has been. Set to become first manager to win titles in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain. Could do the same in international football.
CONS: Loves an argument — so could be a pain in the backside for the FA. Most people in football also want to see an Englishman in charge.

Martin O'Neill

PROS: Many believe his style would be suited to international football. Players love playing for him. Fact he is British is enough for many.

CONS: O'Neill has won trophies with Wycombe, Leicester and Celtic yet his stint at Aston Villa was mixed. Many believe he is a good manager — but not a great one.

Stuart Pearce

PROS: An iconic figure who typifies English grit. He is Under-21 boss and will also take charge of Team GB at the Olympics. This would be the next step up.

CONS: He is simply not a great manager. Became a joke at Manchester City while he can also be rude and abrasive.

Alan Pardew

PROS: Has gatecrashed the reckoning after his superb season with Newcastle. A good man-manager and would also be able to handle the media spotlight.

CONS: Was still managing in League One last season and still unprepared for a job this size. Charlton fans will hope he doesn't get the job.

Roy Hodgson

PROS: The best qualified of all the English managers — as he has taken charge of Switzerland, UAE and Finland. So certainly has international experience.

CONS: Has only achieved moderate success as a boss. Doing just about OK at West Brom and once got the axe at Blackburn — and he is a bit dull.

Guus Hiddink

PROS: An impressive CV: Holland, S Korea, Australia, Russia and Turkey. Would sort out the dressing room.

CONS: Is seen as a footballing mercenary who, ironically, was convicted of evading almost £1million in tax five years ago. Most recent job at Turkey and many there felt he was not really bothered.


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