Khamis, 5 April 2012

Review on Chelsea squad

Can Chelsea really beat Barca and make the Champions League final?


JOHN TERRY is too slow and David Luiz likes time on the ball — two certain recipes for a defensive disaster against Lionel Messi and Co.
The Blues backline will not be found wanting for the fundamental attributes such as desire and determination, but when it comes to class and technique, it is difficult to see them keeping out the European champions.
Messi’s five against Bayer Leverkusen was a stand-out, although the whole team look capable of scoring.



THE middle of the park is where many believe this semi-final will be decided. But Chelsea had better hope not!

Not only will the Blues midfield have to keep pressing, they will also have to avoid being pressed. And on last night’s evidence it is difficult to see them doing either. How can the Bridge midfield overpower the maestros of Barcelona when they failed to dominate Benfica?

But the task is clear — they cannot let Iniesta and his mates dominate the match.


AN on-song Didier Drogba, full of hustle bustle and deadly intent, might be able to cause Barca’s defence a few problems with his physical presence.

But you can’t imagine the likes of Pique, Puyol and Mascherano having many sleepless nights over the thought of dealing with Fernando Torres — unless it is laughter responsible for keeping them awake.

Orchestrating a threat will give Roberto di Matteo one of his biggest tactical headaches since taking over at the Bridge.



CHELSEA played the first 20 minutes last night on the counter and that is something they will not be able to do against Barcelona — or else they will get mullered.

Right from the off, they will need to press Barca toe-to-toe and it’s hard to know whether they have got that in them.

Their best hope is getting another referee like Damir Skomina, who will always be welcomed back to the Bridge for red-carpet treatment after last night’s display.



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