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Sapa lagi power

Ronaldo vs Ibrahimovic

Siapa yang lebih hebat apabila kedua-dua mereka beraksi bersama pasukan masing-masing dalam perlawanan play-off kelayakan Piala Dunia antara Portugal dengan Sweden.


Ronaldo: Worth his place in most teams on heading ability alone. He’s got the lot – spring, power, direction, even little lay-off headers for team-mates. One of the best headers of a ball I have ever seen. Frighteningly good. 10.

Ibrahimovic: At 6ft 4in, you would expect him to be good in the air, and he is. He scores plenty of goals with his head, getting up well for crosses and despatching them with great accuracy. A real threat in that area. 9.


Ronaldo: Five years ago, watching him wrong-foot one defender after another, I’d have said he was one of the best ever. He has added so many other elements to his game now, though, and learned to dribble at the right time, rather than all the time. 8.

Ibrahimovic: Similar to the modern-day Ronaldo, in the way he manipulates the ball, rather than directly going past players. Still, it makes you go ‘wow’ at times. For such a big guy, he’s got fantastic technical ability and is unbelievable at making the ball work for him in tight spots. 7.


Ronaldo: It's easier to say what he can’t do, because he can score with either foot from any angle or distance, he can hit a shot with placement or power, he can bend it round the wall from a set-piece or convert a cross with a towering header. Absolutely unbelievable finisher. 10.

Ibrahimovic: Every bit as good. You’d put nothing past this fella. He can score directly from a corner or the halfway line or with a 40-yard bicycle kick or 20-yard header. I have actually seen him chip a keeper from 40 yards. He really does get you right out of your seat. 10.


Ronaldo: Doesn’t chase back if he loses the ball at Real, but it’s wrong to say he doesn’t care. He’s actually under orders not to. Real want others to do the legwork and him to stay where he can do damage, further forward. He is becoming more of a team player. 8.

Ibrahimovic: Like Ronaldo, he is beginning to respect his less-gifted team-mates and realise how much he needs their willingness to run and graft to get the ball back for him. Has captained Paris St Germain, as well as Sweden, and is aware of his responsibilities. 8.


Ronaldo: This is a really good test of his ability to deliver when the heat is on. Fully capable of destroying Sweden with a hat-trick, but the fact is, his scoring ratio for Portugal is nowhere near what it is for Real. An entire nation will be expecting him to put that right. 8.

Ibrahimovic: Has grown in stature and come of age in the last few years. The petulant ‘me, me, me’ streak has gone and been replaced by a more mature, focused individual, relishing his new role behind the main striker and ready to rise to the occasion. 8.


Ronaldo: this category is what he’s all about. From the swagger and immaculate hair to the way he plays the crowd, he just looks the part. All the top players have to have a certain arrogance, and he portrays it more than most. There is a definite x-factor edge about that strut. 10.

Ibrahimovic: not exactly lacking in this department, either, with all those silky touches and ability to produce something out of nothing. He’s the headline act at PSG, but I’d just mark him down slightly because it’s about four levels below La Liga. Still a matchwinner, though. 9.

source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/worldcup2014/article-2507527/Cristiano-Ronaldo-v-Zlatan-Ibrahimovic--Chris-Waddles-verdict.html

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