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HARRY REDKNAPP takes a look at how new bosses at Man City, United, Chelsea and Stoke will fare next season...

Manuel Pellegrini, Manchester City

Manuel Pellegrini
FAREWELL, PELL ... Malaga boss says goodbye to Tito Vilanova yesterday

I DON’T know much about Manuel Pellegrini but you would have to be a fool not to do well at City.
Everything’s in place — a brilliant squad, superb training facilities and stadium and an open chequebook to sign the world’s best players. How can it not go well for you?

I have heard that Pellegrini can be pretty ruthless, which in the old days of management wasn’t a bad thing.

But these days it can get you into trouble with the players and the board of directors.

Players take praise and they should be able to take a knock too.

WINNING the Premier League title. Losing it last year to Manchester United was a big factor in Roberto Mancini’s downfall.

It’s going to be incredibly exciting at the top of the table with so many new faces. There will be two new men in Manchester, a new bloke at Chelsea and there is Tottenham and Arsenal too.

EVERY chance of winning the title. With the squad and the backing it should almost be harder not to win it.

Sergio Aguero’s new contract is a big boost. Finishing second in your first season at a new club is normally a success — but this is City.


David Moyes, Manchester United 


David Moyes
MOYES THE MERRIER ... David landed football's biggest job

DAVID MOYES is a quiet guy. He’s a bit like Alex Ferguson in that he is a big thinker and extremely thorough.

He is an excellent choice to follow the most successful manager in British history.

He won’t switch on the hairdryer, though, like Fergie used to. In all honesty that whole culture has gone.

If that happened now players would probably cry or go running to the chairman or their agent.

TO retain the Premier League title. Moyes will be expected to win a trophy even in his first season but the FA Cup may not be good enough.

Defending the title will be much tougher next season.

The opposition fell over last year and allowed United to walk away with it. That won’t happen again.
Manchester City will be stronger for sure but so will Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal.

Unless he is deciding on a different style of play, he must also keep Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie.

MANCHESTER UNITED will be the team to beat again. What Moyes will do is start to mould the team in his way.

He is an experienced manager and wants to make his impression so he won’t be ringing Alex every day.


Jose Mourinho, Chelsea 


Jose Mourinho
POINT TO PROVE ... Jose is heading back to West London

I LOVE him. Jose Mourinho’s personality goes before him. He is a clever guy and a breath of fresh air, even if he rubs some people up the wrong way.

He divides opinion and he can say some pretty outrageous stuff. But that’s all part of the theatre of football and he is a great entertainer.

The most important thing, of course, is that if you are in his team he will get the absolute maximum out of you.

He gets into his players and makes them feel invincible.

A STRIKER will probably be top of his list and none of us are sure whether Fernando Torres and Demba Ba will be in his plans.

And let’s not forget Romelu Lukaku is coming back after his hugely successful season-long loan at West Brom.

Jose will make changes, of course. But he has great personnel at Stamford Bridge already with some of his old favourites like Frank Lampard and John Terry still there.

He also has a great keeper in Thibaut Courtois on loan at Atletico Madrid, one of the best in Europe I’m told.

I WAS at a charity function involving Chelsea fans the other night and they are all so excited about Jose coming back. The players will feel the same.

I can see them being serious contenders for the Premier League title next season with the Special One coming ‘home’.


Mark Hughes, Stoke 


POTT LUCK ... Sparky has been given another bite of the cherry with Stoke
POTT LUCK ... Sparky has been given another bite of the cherry with Stoke

A QUIET man on the outside with brooding authority on the inside.

It didn’t work out for Mark Hughes at QPR, obviously, and he has a tough job on his hands following Tony Pulis.

He has to step into the shoes of a manager who kept Stoke out of serious relegation trouble for seven years after leading them out of the Championship.

He will also have to rewrite the script at City with a culture change and that is going to test him and his relationship with the chairman Peter Coates.

IT’S hard to know where to start because Stoke played a ‘unique’ way under Pulis. They were uncompromising and in yer face. The fans loved it but now you get the feeling they want a change.

Mark is going to need quite a few new players this season to achieve that.

That requires a big investment and Peter Coates spending big.

I CAN see them finishing 11th or 12th again — if I’m honest, I think the top seven will be just as it was this season and the rest just have to get on with it.

I don’t see Stoke being troubled by relegation but trying to achieve consistent results when also working to turn around the whole philosophy of a club is going to be the big challenge.

I hope it works out for him, Mark’s a nice guy.


... Martinez is Ever ready 


Roberto Martinez
PICKY TOFFEES ... Martinez is favourite for the prized Everton job

AND let’s not forget Roberto Martinez.

He is a quiet character who I have found in private always to be so upbeat and positive about everything.

It’s infectious when you sit down with him after a match.

Wherever he lands up he will instil his philosophy on how to play football.

At Swansea, he had little Leon Britton bringing the ball out for him and Roberto loves to get that midfielder to drop back and split the centre-halves.

They go wide into space, the full-backs push on and the midfielder comes to the edge of the box to receive the ball from the keeper and dribbles it out.

The Spaniard, who is still only 39, plays a lovely game.

He has been heavily linked with Everton and, if he goes there, he will slightly adapt the style used by David Moyes and introduce the fans to football Martinez-style.


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