Selasa, 21 Mei 2013

Premier League Hall of Shame

IT’S official — Stoke ARE the dirtiest team in the Premier League. 

Frustrated Potters fans turned on boss Tony Pulis this season for sticking to long-ball, in-your-face football.

Pulis insisted that his side’s style was changing, but SunSport can today reveal they are as niggly as ever. 

The Britannia bad-boys topped the top-flight’s Foul League with a team total of 485 offences. 

And that was 15 more than West Ham and Mancester City, who were joint second with 470. 

Most damningly, though, not a SINGLE Potter made it into the top-10 list for most fouls committed — meaning they were all at it! 

Stoke also picked up more yellow cards than anyone else after collecting a bone-crushing 78 bookings.

They were the only side in the Premier League to average more than two yellows a game. 

Unsurprisingly, Pulis’ side were crowned champions of the Dirty League, which takes into account fouls conceded, red and yellow cards. 

Marouane Fellaini was the league’s dirtiest player — racking up 107 points for his 80 fouls and nine yellow cards. 

Norwich duo Grant Holt and Bradley Johnson were second and third with 106 and 99 points respectively. 

Poor Sunderland star Stephane Sessegnon deserves his summer break though — sharing the most fouled award with Shaun Maloney. 

The battered and bruised pair won 89 free-kicks this season.


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