Rabu, 18 Disember 2013

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United will play Olympiacos behind partially closed doors after Greeks are sanctioned for racist behaviour

Manchester United will play the first leg of their last 16 Champions League tie against Olympiacos behind partially closed doors after the Greek club were punished by UEFA because of racist behaviour from their fans.

UEFA said the sanctions were imposed for 'the racist conduct of supporters, insufficient organisation, the setting-off of fireworks and the use of a laser' during the group stage match at home to Anderlecht on Dec. 10.

Olympiacos will have to close the lower tier of the north stand of their stadium for the opening game on February 25 and have also been fined 30,000 Euros.

Russian club Zenit St Petersburg have also been sanctioned for incidents during their 4-1 defeat at Austria Vienna and will have to close the area of the stadium which usually houses their ultras when they host Borussia Dortmund, also on Feb. 25.

Zenit have been punished for 'the racist behaviour of fans - namely the displaying of a banner - the setting-off and throwing of fireworks and crowd disturbances'.

source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2525386/Champions-League-Manchester-United-play-Olympiacos-partially-closed-doors-sanctions-racist-behaviour.html

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