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Arsenal takeover

A SENSATIONAL £1.5billion bid for Arsenal is being lined up by a powerful Middle Eastern investment group.

The consortium — which includes wealthy investors from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates — have been working on the deal for the last four months. 

They will make their big move to majority shareholder Stan Kroenke in the next few weeks and aim to take Arsenal to the top of world football. The investors will offer Kroenke £20,000 per share for his 66.64 per cent stake in the Gunners. 

That would net the American £830million — a profit of around £350m.

If Kroenke accepts, the same offer will be made to the other major shareholder, Alisher Usmanov, who holds 29.11 per cent. 

The group want a total takeover of all the shares — although they believe it is possible to work with Usmanov if he decides not to sell. 

They also plan to clear the club’s debts of £250m, put separate funds aside for transfers and stop the sale of star players. 

A source told SunSport: “These are serious investors with serious money. They are not messing about. 

“Kroenke must realise it is time to get out.”


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