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Tak pernah menang dalam lapan kali final

The 52-year curse of Bela Guttman continues for Benfica as Portuguese club fall short in eighth European final with Europea League defeat against Sevilla

As Benfica failed to win in a major European final for a record eighth time on Wednesday night, fans of the Portuguese champions will once again be looking to the sky and blaming the Bela Guttman curse. 

Sevilla's Kevin Gameiro stepped up to score his side's winning penalty and in-turn condemned Benfica to a 52nd year without European glory in a year that looked as though the Guttmam curse would be lifted. 

So, what is the curse and what did Benfica do to deserve it?

Upset: Benfica fans still believe that Bela Guttman (above) cursed their club's European misery
Upset: Benfica fans still believe that Bela Guttman (above) cursed their club's European misery

Guttman became manager of Benfica in 1960, just a year after leading bitter rivals Porto to the Portuguese League and wasted no time in making his mark on the club, sacking twenty senior players before promoting youngsters through the ranks.

The Hungarian was blessed with a squad that included Benfica legend Eusebio and he soon found success, winning the European cup twice in a row, beating Barcelona in 1961 and Real Madrid the following year.

After such immediate success, Guttman believed he deserved a pay rise and approached the Benfica board after the 1962 European Cup final victory.

Guttman's advances were swiftly rebuffed, infuriating the Benfica boss to the point that he left the club.

Upon leaving, Guttman allegedly declared, 'Not in a hundred years from now will Benfica ever be European champion'.

Since that day, Benfica have lost five Champions League finals and three UEFA Cup/Europa League finals with the latest being the defeat by Sevilla on Wednesday night.

The curse even prompted Eusebio to visit Guttman's grave to pray for it to be broken, but as Sevilla fans celebrate long into the night, another year goes for Benfica without any luck in Europe.


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