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Wilfried Zaha introduces “Gilmore Support Shorts” to the world


"I have to take pictures with these on!? That wasn’t part of the deal!"

There seems to be an influx in groin injuries in the Premier League at the moment, with Wayne Rooney and Sergio Aguero among those affected. One player who has no such worries? Manchester United’s Wilfried Zaha.

No, those funky-looking - shall we say, “innovative”- compression shorts you see above are not a joke gift. They actually exist, and Zaha actually endorses them, though by the look of his facial expression he knows this is pretty much bottom of the barrel as far as endorsements go.

The shorts are supposed to help prevent injury, however, which is the big plus. Created by a Harley Street doctor named O J A Gilmore, an expert on groin injuries, the Gilmore Support Shorts are “designed for the prevention & management of groin, adductor, hamstring and lower back injuries.”
Clearly, it’s all about that “Pubic Symphysis Support.” Snug!

Speaking of which, the brand’s website offers a hilarious little warning in their FAQ:
Please remember not to wear the shorts too often the first few times as they will be tight and will need time to break into your shape. Its compression is working in areas that may not have been used to tight contact before.
Gee, we wonder what area they’re talking about!


source: http://blog.foxsoccer.com/post/84936755772/wilfried-zaha-introduces-gilmore-support-shorts-to?cmpid=tsmfb:fscom:foxsoccer

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