Khamis, 31 Oktober 2013

Pecah rekod lagi orang tua ni

Sir Alex Ferguson breaks ANOTHER record as autobiography becomes fastest-selling UK non-fiction book since records began

The former Manchester United boss's tome shifted 115,547 copies last week alone - beating Delia Smith's record by 3,000 books.

Sir Alex Ferguson's autobiography has become the UK's quickest-selling non-fiction book since records began in 1998, shifting 115,547 in its first few days of sale.

According to The Bookseller, the former Manchester United boss 's book pips previous record holder Delia Smith, whose 1999 cooking book sold 112,000 copies in its first week.

And his tome also beats the autobiography of friend and former prime minister Tony Blair, whose memoirs - published in 2010 - shifted 92,000 copies in its first week.

Indeed, figures reveal an enormous £1.4million was spent on Fergie's book last week out of £30.7 million in total book spending in the UK across that time - around five pence in every pound.

It's another success for the 71-year-old who is currently on a theatre tour to discuss his career and 27 years in charge at Old Trafford.



  1. Sir Alex Ferguson - My Autobiography - 115,547
  2. Delia Smith - How to Cook - book two - 112,000
  3. Tony Blair - A Journey - 92,000
  4. David Beckham - My Side - 86,000
  5. Paul Burrell - A Royal Duty - 77,000


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