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Geng hat berhijrah dari Sepanyol

Top Ten Summer Moves From La Liga To PL this summer

10) Fernando Amorebieta - Athletic Bilbao to Fulham (free transfer)

Rather like Javi Martínez and Fernando Llorente, who did not leave the Basque Country on the best of terms, Amorebieta will never be warmly welcomed back to Bilbao after leaving Athletic by letting his contract run down. This meant that a fine centre-back with eight years' experience in La Liga (and time with Venezuela, the defender's country of birth) cost nothing to Fulham. 

9) José Cañas - Real Betis to Swansea (free transfer)

The Spaniard is a defensive midfielder who does a simple job of shielding the back four extremely well. For nothing, Swansea have beached a footballer who is only really spectacular and world-beating in terms of his hairdo.

8) Iago Aspas - Celta Vigo to Liverpool (€9m)

The Liverpool forward recently revealed on Spanish radio that his first phrases in English taught by the other footballers at the club were 'f**k off' and 'sh*t'. The former Celta man seemed quite chuffed with this. A fairly untested player with just a single season of top-flight football is a purchase of potential for Liverpool, a club that has signed a player with aggression, cojones, a fierce temper but a huge fighting spirit and will to win.

7) Gary Medel - Sevilla to Cardiff (€13m)

So many tough-sounding nicknames in footballer are quite undeserved. Gary Medel's moniker of 'Pitbull' is the opposite in that it simply does not do justice to a footballer who is completely terrifying. When the defensive midfielder succumbs to his red mist then anyone within 100 metres of the player is in severe danger. Cardiff have invested a lot in Medel, but the club now has an intimidating footballer who does not need to ever put in a tackle, but simply run towards an opponent to win the ball.

6) Gerard Deulofeu - Barcelona to Everton (loan)

A deal made by Everton where the club has absolutely nothing to lose aside from the cost of wages but an awful lot to gain. The young Spaniard has made the smart move to toughen up in the Premier League, realising that there is some fairly stiff competition in the Barça forward line this season. 18 goals for Barça's 'B' team last season and a fine Under-20 World Cup campaign suggest that if Roberto Martínez can manage Deulofeu's transition well, Everton have quite the footballer on their hands.

5) Roberto Soldado - Valencia to Tottenham (€30m)

The number 9 is a little on the pricey side for a player who is not overly versatile up front. Then again, Spurs now have plenty of footballers to do all the legwork for Soldado, who has shown himself to be more than adept at putting the ball in the back of the net. Soldado will be in a personal duel with Alvaro Negredo at Manchester City to be one of the forwards that Vicente Del Bosque takes to Brazil next summer.

4) Martín Demichelis - Atlético Madrid to Manchester City (€5m)

The Argentinean's move to Manchester City from Madrid was arguably the best deal of the summer from a La Liga point of view. He had only been at Atlético a matter of weeks, having joined the Vicente Calderón on a free transfer. Manuel Pellegrini wanted the defender badly though, with Demichelis a crucial part of Málaga's recent success both in Spain and Europe, due to his experience, strength and very lovely hair.

3) Jesús Navas - Sevilla to Manchester City (€20m)

Despite the fact that the career of Navas was stalling at Sevilla at the same rate as the inertia of his former team, the winger was one of the most reliable footballers in La Liga. Every single season, Navas was consistently one of the players to put in the most crosses and attempt the most assists. The Andalusian does not do too much more than that, but does not really need to if there are quality players on the end of his string of passes.

2) Alvaro Negredo - Sevilla to Manchester City (€25m)

The striker already seems revitalised by a move to the Premier League after a tough time at Sevilla, a club that has been going nowhere fast for a while. The forward is a fine all-rounder - powerful in the air, instinctively astute in his runs in front of goal and also capable of the spectacular from outside the box. Negredo will be one of the most motivated players in the City squad this season as he tries to prove to Vicente Del Bosque that Spain can play with a number 9 and that Negredo should be wearing that particular shirt at the World Cup.

1) Mesut Özil - Real Madrid to Arsenal (€50m)

Real Madrid fans and the players themselves are hopping mad about this particular transfer. The ire probably matches that of the German before escaping the Santiago Bernabéu, having been sidelined by both Isco and then Gareth Bale. Özil is technically brilliant, has tremendous vision (which must be shared by his teammates) and is utterly unselfish. As Marcelino, the coach of Villarreal, Madrid's next opponents, told Marca last week: "Özil is one of the best in the world. Madrid will note his absence, I would never have got rid of him."


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