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Otai yang masih berbisa

Totti becomes oldest ever Champions League goalscorer after netting against City... beating Giggs' previous record

Francesco Totti has overtaken Ryan Giggs as the oldest player to score in the Champions League after his goal for AS Roma against Manchester City on Tuesday.


Totti produced an impressive chip over the body of Joe Hart after 23 minutes during the two side's Group E clash, therefore overtaking Ryan Giggs' previous record of 37 years and 289 days.

Totti turned 38 on Saturday, and the goal marked his 17th career Champions League strike. 

Giggs took the previous record from Filippo Inzaghi in September 2011, when his brilliant solo effort against Benfica grabbed his Manchester United side a draw in Portugal. 

Totti is a rare example of loyalty in football, having played his whole career at Roma. He joined from the youth squad in 1992, and has made 565 appearances in a successful 22 years.

Until Tuesday night though, Totti had never scored in England - therefore ensuring he broke two records with one deft lob over Joe Hart.

The game also marked the first ever meeting between the two sides, as cited by the club's official Twitter accounts' exchanges pre-match. 

AS Roma initially tweeted that they were playing their 269th game in European competition, and their debut against Manchester City.

In a cheeky reply, City's Twitter replied that they were looking forward to hosting them, and a 'legendary player such as Totti', before following it up with the message, 'He's never scored in England, has he?'

'You're right,' came the reply from @OfficialASRoma, 'but there's a first time for everything.' How right they were. 

source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2775498/Francesco-Totti-s-goal-against-Manchester-City-makes-OLDEST-goalscorer-Champions-League-beating-Ryan-Giggs-previous-record.html

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