Rabu, 13 Ogos 2014

Tak mau-mau boh gol

Swedish 7th division player scores 21 goals in regional match, breaks record

Sometimes athletes like to pad their stats, and a game in the Stockholm’s regional seventh division is an extreme example of a perfect opportunity to do just that. 


Kongo United’s Yanick Djouzi Manzizila is now the new holder of a Swedish football record for the most goals scored in a game that had stood for the last 60 years. 

Manzizila had a a stellar game against opponents Balrog Botkyrka Södertälje IK, knocking in 21 goals. (The previous Swedish scoring record was 18 goals, set in 1954)

Unsurprisingly, Kongo United trounced the other team with a final score of 30-0.

The runaway victory didn’t come as a surprise to the goal scorer.

“I had scored 12 goals against them before, so I knew there was a chance to score goals,” Manzizila told Aftonbladet.

The team is sitting pretty at the top of the standings in the division with a goal difference of 86-8.

source: http://blog.foxsoccer.com/post/94572145372/swedish-7th-division-player-scores-21-goals-in-regional?cmpid=tsmfb:fscom:FOXSoccer

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