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Kalau merdeka, jenuh Barcelona

Barca can't play in La Liga if Catalunya gets independence - LFP president

Javier Tebas says that an "inter-state" agreement would have to be reached in order for the Blaugrana to continue participating in the Primera Division.

The Spanish Football League (LFP) president has insisted that Barcelona will no longer be able to compete in La Liga if Catalunya gets independence.

The region has long campaigned for separatism from the rest of the country due to their cultural and linguistic differences.

Barca have long been a symbol of Catalan independence but LFP chief Javier Tebas says that they would not be able to continue in the Spanish football system under current regulations.

"I don't like to speculate about impossibilities. Catalunya will always be Spain," he is quoted as saying by AS.

"And I'm not only worried about Barcelona, but Nastic, Girona, Espanol, Llagostera and Sabadell. If the Sports Act remains the same, they could not compete in our league.

"We would have to change the Sports Act. Andorra, for example, play in our competitions because the law specifically states they can. There's an additional provision.

"Initially, Barcelona could not compete in La Liga unless there is an inter-that state agreement."


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