Isnin, 21 Julai 2014

Tudia la, seronok sakan sangat

Whoops! World Cup trophy damaged at afterparty

The German national team apparently celebrated their fourth World Cup title a bit too hard last weekend.


According to DFB president Wolfgang Niersbach, part of the World Cup trophy was damaged at the Rio afterparty!

"At one spot a small piece was chipped off, but don’t worry. We have specialists who can fix it," Niersbach told German news magazine Spiegel.

The culprit? A mystery. Niersbach joked that a thorough and persistent investigation was conducted, but proved inconclusive.

Good thing the damaged trophy wasn’t the original! Because no World Cup champion actually gets to keep the real deal, FIFA representatives had already taken the original version back for safekeeping before the team even left the Maracana.


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