Rabu, 23 Julai 2014

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Suited and booted! Spanish side unveil TUXEDO second shirt to the delight of sharply-dressed fans

Segunda B side Cultural Leonesa were only planning on using the natty new look for pre-season but so positive was the reaction that they have kept it for the season

Spanish Segunda B side Cultural Leonesa have unveiled their new tuxedo-inspired kit.

This might just be the smartest football shirt in Europe.

While most teams don't think too far outside the box when designing their kit Spanish Segunda B side Cultural Leonesa certainly have this year.

Instead of a run of the mill black or white number they have plumped for both in the form of a TUXEDO kit.

Originally intended just for pre-season so popular was the club's new look that they decided to keep it for the upcoming season.

It seems more and more teams are becoming a little more creative this summer.

This kit comes just days after CD Lugo unveiled shirts with beer and octopus' tentacles on them.

source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/suited-booted-spanish-side-unveil-3895961

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