Isnin, 10 Mac 2014

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United to be handed £600m boost by signing new 10 year kit deal with Nike

Manchester United are set to be handed a major financial boost with the announcement of a new world-record kit deal with Nike worth £600million.

David Moyes’ side look like missing out on a place in the Champions League next season as they are currently nine points off fourth place.

But news that they are set to sign a new mega deal with Nike worth £60m-a-year over the course of a decade-long agreement will come as a boost.

The deal is almost twice as good as the current record of £31m that Real Madrid receive from Adidas and is significantly more than the £23.5m deal United currently have with the American sportswear giants.

Nike have been making United’s kits for the past 13 years and with the deal set to expire next year they were keen to hang onto them. There had been plenty of intent from other manufacturers, including adidas, Puma and Warrior.

The £60m-a-year deal will add to the £35m-a-year short sponsorship deal with Chevrolet, which is set to kick in next season. 

The two sponsorship deals will help United overcome the financial problems of missing out on the Champions League next season and help them try and get back in there.


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